Campaigne's BIO

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Campaigne, known by his loved ones as Camryn Jackson and by the youth as Mr. Jackson, was born and raised in the capitol city of Lansing, Michigan on March 29, 1993. His story is one of many trials and tribulations but his faith in God and his passion for music has guided him to achieve many successes. Coming from a family of four siblings, a hard working father, and a loving mother, Camryn was not afforded the many privileges and opportunities that money can buy. It was, however, always instilled in him to have an incredible work ethic by his father. Camryn’s philosophy is that anyone from anywhere can achieve their dreams with faith and consistent hard work. Camryn has always dreamed of being an artist but his route to college came through his skill set in the sport of wrestling. He managed to stay focused on becoming one of the best wrestlers in the country while his home life was difficult, violent, and at times unstable.


 During college, Camryn become better known as a producer and later on a rapper. His first project titled, “Yellow Brick Road from Hell,” was dropped in 2014 as a reflection of his experiences back home. Later on, Camryns escape was not only his music, but the fun party lifestyle that fueled some of the fire for his second project, dropped in 2015, titled “Still Waiting.” The project highlights some of the experiences Camryn had as an undergrad at the University of Michigan including a spark of love with a girl he later decided to be engaged to. We can look forward to his upcoming project which will elaborate on the trials Camryn faced toward the end of his college career until present day. With the loss of his twin daughters, father, a traumatic surgery, and an unexpected immersion into the Detroit Hip Hop scene, his next project 'The Combat' put it all on the table; even the mistakes Camryn has made and the consequences he has had to overcome to be a better man. Dedicated to God, the youth in his community, his family, and his dreams, Campaigne is an artist of influence.